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Admission Counseling

Enrollment plan:

Grade 1 6 classes       Grade 2 2 classes     3 - 4 1 each year ban     Grade 5 4 classes     Grade 6 6 classes
Class of 32 people, until full.


1, the school does not recruit on-campus students, daily shuttle. Shuttle route radiation five districts of the city, serving leaving children to distant inconvenient family.
2, the school has a separate dining room, a full-time nutritionist, a unified nutritious meals, providing two meals (lunch).
3, the school provides lunch dormitory, living by the teacher and the person responsible for lunch siesta.

Admission conditions:

1, accounts, geographical limitation, for the community to recruit school-age children.
2, the parents agree with the school's educational philosophy, concerned about the long-term development of the child, there is a strong forward-looking vision of education.
3, family economic conditions suitable for international school fees.

Taking approach:

With parents, students exchange interviews, select students and recognition for our school's educational philosophy enrolled.

Advisory Note:

Hotline: 0536-2927761 0536-2927766
Consulting Hours: 8: 00-11: 00, 14: 00-17: 00
From July 1, parents can take account of this and inch color 2 to school enrollment.
School Address: Democracy Street Weifang Economic Development Zone No. 6999 Weifang Wenhua International School