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Running Features

1, multi-course: a complete set of scientific schools, for children's physical and mental health curriculum. Follow the development of comprehensive and selective principles, so that every student a love of learning, the focus on overall development of students while highlighting personalized learning. Each discipline are built from the perspective of the overall framework of students' thinking, and lay the foundation for lifelong development of students. Based on the national curriculum, drawing on STEAM, IPC, PYP curriculum model with international influence of multivariate curriculum, focus on improving students' thinking ability. Course content, diversified teaching resources, evaluation methods, and provide support for the development of each person.
2, multiple evaluation: people-oriented, concerned about the growth of each individual process, APP platform to render academic quality, comprehensive quality evaluation process dimensions and personality development.
3. Children Community: cognitive development of children for the education starting point to a wealth of environmental resources, curriculum resources, the promotion of human communication and interaction, the ability to explore the development of cooperation.