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School Profile

Weifang Wenhua International Elementary School is located in Weifang City Xinyuan democracy street educational Wenhua Road Park, west of the North Star Wetland Park, a unique forest oxygen bar for the school to provide excellent conditions for running schools.

Primary planning area of 100 acres, planning construction area of 58,100 square meters, construction has been at the elementary section covers 9725 square meters, construction area of 13809.17 square meters.

Magnificent atmosphere of the building structure, constant temperature year-round environmental design, central air conditioning and cleaning the circulatory system, effective protection of the ecological safety education. Classroom discipline, children's community, Gezhi elegant cafe, tea room, reading room, a high standard of theater, swimming pool, fitness hall offers a safe and comfortable living and learning space for everyone in the school.

Educational philosophy
So that everyone has the chance of success

Training objectives

Cultivate the 21st century demeanor, cultural heritage, scientific spirit, international vision of comprehensive quality talent.

Enrollment plan
Grade 1 6 classes       Grade 2 2 classes     3 - 4  1 each year ban     Grade 5 4 classes      Grade 6 6 classes
Class of 32 people, until full


1, the school does not recruit on-campus students, daily shuttle. Shuttle route radiation five districts of the city, serving leaving children to distant inconvenient family.
2, the school has a separate dining room, a full-time nutritionist, a unified nutritious meals, providing two meals (lunch).
3, the school provides lunch dormitory, living by the teacher and the person responsible for lunch siesta.

Admission conditions
1, accounts, geographical limitation, for the community to recruit school-age children.
2, the parents agree with the school's educational philosophy, concerned about the long-term development of the child, there is a strong forward-looking vision of education.
3, family economic conditions suitable for international school fees.

Taking approach

With parents, students exchange interviews, select students and recognition for our school's educational philosophy enrolled.

consulting tips
Hotline: 0536-2927761 0536-2927766
Consulting Hours: 8: 00-11: 00, 14: 00-17: 00
From July 1, parents can take account of this and inch color 2 to school enrollment.
School Address: Democracy Street Weifang Economic Development Zone No. 6999 Weifang Wenhua International School