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About us

Weifang Mandarin international primary school in Weifang Economic Development Zone, Beichen Wetland Park on the eastern side of the high-end Mandarin Education Park, unique forest oxygen bar for the school provides excellent educational environment. School covers an area of about 100 acres, the construction area of about 60 thousand square meters, can accommodate more than 3000 students. Magnificent architectural pattern, four thermostatic type space design, effective protection of the ecological security; leading educational philosophy, first-class teachers, teaching mode of internationalization, leading every student to succeed.



Idea of running a school

Let everyone have chance of success training goal of cultivation in the 21st century with great ingenuity, humanities, scientific spirit, international perspective of comprehensive quality talent.


Admission Counseling

一、2016 enrollment
1, grade 16 classes, 2--4 Grade 2 classes each grade 54 classes, grade 66 classes. Class of 32 people, until full.
2, the school does not recruit on-campus students, daily shuttle. Shuttle route radiation five districts of the city, serving leaving children to distant inconvenient family.
3, the school has a separate dining room, a full-time nutritionist, a unified nutritious meals, providing two meals (lunch).
4, the school provides lunch dormitory, living by the teacher and the person responsible for lunch siesta.
二、Admission conditions
1, registered permanent residence, region is not restricted, face the society to recruit the right age child.
2, parents agree with the school's educational philosophy, concerned about the long-term development of the child, there is a strong forward-looking vision.
3. Family economic conditions are suitable for international schools.
三、Admission method
With parents, students exchange interviews, select students and recognition for our school's educational philosophy enrolled.
Hotline: 0536--2927761
Consulting Hours: 8: 00-11: 00, 2: 00-5: 00
From July 1, parents can take account of this and inch color 2 to school enrollment.
School Address: Democracy Street Weifang Economic Development Zone, Weifang Wenhua International Primary School Admissions No. 6999 (Wenhua International School east)